Reskill Todd

Help Todd to build new skills on design to change his career from being marketer to UX Designer. He could be your next PM.

Onboard Theodor

Onboard Theodor into the sales team without time consuming zoom calls. All he needs is access to your Recollec Workspace. He could be your next Sales Manager.

Upskill Cassandra

Empower Cassandra to take her backend skills to the next level with the latest trends and frameworks. She could be your next CTO.

Learning Feed

Your teams can share links, videos, docs and their own ideas through feed to curate knowledge and create meaningful debates for innovation.

Learning Paths

Turn latest resources and posts at your workspace into interactive learning paths; onboard newcomers, upskill and reskill your teams and more.


With our advanced text editor create different types of posts and learning paths for your needs. You can onboard latest member of your team, or create a detailed path about your sales strategy to train your team.


Your people can create their own library to choose their own paths. To mobilize their careers and reskill themselves. Don't have time? Bookmark it for later.

Manager Dashboard

Your managers can assign right learning content to right people.  And our analytics console let them to follow and analyze their teams progress, so that they can match the right talents with the right projects.

Simple Pricing for
Upskilling Your Teams!


$0Per User/Month

Get Started

Up to 10 Users

Up to 2 Teams

10 GB Total Workspace

Workspace Customization

Unlimited Bookmarks

Advanced Analytics


$3Per User/Month

Get Started

Unlimited Users

Unlimited Teams

500 GB per Person

Workspace Customization

Unlimited Bookmarks

Advanced Analytics