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Recollec is a collaborative workspace that connects your workforce to share most useful content from various resources in one feed, and turn them into interactive learning paths. So that they can educate, onboard and train each other.

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Cassandra Thompson
Regional Director of Cloud Architecture

I found this really useful article about Singelton check this out, it might help you improve your design pattern knowledge. I’m stilling looking at the other resources in the same guide, it seems like more will come :) Stay tuned everyone!

Refactoring Guru - Singelton

Singleton is a creational design pattern that lets you ensure that a class has only one instance, while providing a global access point to this instance.

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This is an awesome, really what I need for this project @live stream or webinar tool ! Absolutely looking forward to hearing for more :)

Your Workforce Evolves Through Latest Skills

Empower your people to turn latest TED videos, Medium articles and more into powerful  learning paths. So that your workforce can connect with right resources to upskill and reskill themselves.

Scalable Onboarding and Training for Your Newbies

Train your latest employees faster, easier and in a scalable way with a connected network of your workforce.  Create learning paths for onboarding that can change and scale in seconds.

Keep Your Teams Updated with Latest Resources

Create a fast paced and  connected learning environment with your workforce. Keep them updated with latest resources by connecting the knowledge of your teams in one feed. Let your people share latest news, best learning resources and more with each other.

Grow Your Teams Skill Set with Data and Tools

Give your managers necessary data and tools to support and develop their team’s upskilling and reskilling. Let them assign right content to right people, and analyze progress to find right people for right project.

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